12 accessories you can buy to enhance your laptop experience

Laptops have become an integral part of our lives. By mixing work culture and online learning, they become important productivity tools. Not only that, but the laptop has also become an important device

Stylus: writing, doodling, drawing, etc.
The Stylus is a pen-like device supported by a laptop with a touchscreen display. It can be used for writing, doodling, drawing, etc. However, most laptops don’t come with a stylus. So buying a third-party stylus that works with almost any touchscreen display might be a good option.

​USB powered lights: help you work in the dark
Another cool carry-on accessory is a USB-powered LED bulb. Affordable and available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they provide good lighting for reading and also act as a “backlight” for the keyboard.

Anti-Glare Filter: Reduce Eye Strain
Laptops emit harsh glare. To reduce this, you can add an anti-glare filter to the top of the screen. Not only does this reduce screen reflections, it also helps to see content clearly even outdoors. There is also an option to use a privacy filter to prevent anyone from looking at your screen from the side.

Camera Shutter: Protecting Those Accidental Clicks and Hackers
The camera shutter helps prevent accidental photos. There is spyware/malware that may try to use your camera without your knowledge.

​Notebook Power Bank: Prevent Battery Anxiety
Even if your laptop has good battery life, you may run out of power when you need to work. For this situation, you can buy a power bank for your laptop. Just make sure it’s compatible with your laptop’s charging pins and has a battery capacity of at least 10000mAh.

​Laptop Stand: Helps Maintain Correct Posture
Laptops are portable and easy-to-carry products. It also means you can work from anywhere. But they are bad for your posture and can lead to back pain and other health problems. Laptop stands can help you maintain proper posture while working, as they elevate your laptop and provide a desk-like working position.

Cooling Pad: Helps with long gaming sessions and
Thermal pads are usually designed to keep laptops cool during long gaming sessions. In general, it also helps maintain performance over the long term.

​Webcam: ‘Looks Good’ in These Meetings and Video Calls
If you do a lot of conference calls, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality webcam. Yes, most laptops have cameras, but most are basic and entry-level. Look for something with good resolution and an adjustable head.

​Ring Lights: Get the “Right Lights”
The Ring Light is another affordable yet powerful accessory that comes in handy for those who enjoy video conferencing, online gaming, or blogging. A ring light is a small circular device with many small LEDs that illuminate the face evenly when it’s turned on.

​USB Type-C Hub: Helps You Stay Connected
Modern laptops, especially thin and light laptops such as the MacBook Air, HP Spectre X360, usually come with several USB Type-C ports. That said, if you want to use another USB device, an Ethernet cable, or HDMI, there’s no such option. A simple USB Type-C hub will do the trick, though. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with different types of connector options.

​Keyboard Cover: Prevents occasional spills
The keyboard cover is the jelly-like layer that covers the entire keyboard. Not only do they keep the keys from wearing out, they also keep water and other liquids from getting into and damaging the laptop.

Laptop Lock: Physical Security Lock for Your Laptop
Laptop locks come in handy if you plan to work outside a cafe or restaurant, or live in a hotel or shared apartment. These laptops protect your laptop from theft.

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