Moosewala mention of any singer; names of 2 best music studio owners added to FIR and moosewala in 2022

The bill submitted by Punjab Police

Tagus bills submitted by Punjab police in the Mansa Court in the Sidhu Moosewala murder case yesterday failed to determine the role of the singer Punjabi in the murder, as was previouslypected. Mankirt Aulakh faces heat on social media. He had demanded the punjab police to increase hishis security after allegedly receiving threats from the davinder bambiha gang that had vowed to avenge moosewala s death.the mansa police yes, howver, booked moosewala’s old associates and jyoti.

Jyoti runs a music studio named folk mafia

While Kanwarpal runs a music studio named ‘Folk Mafia’, Jyoti is the owner of ‘Jatt Life Studios’. The police will conduct an investigation of the duo before applying for additional bills, saying an official. The big target of 1,850 pages was submitted yesterday, the police said the motive behind the murder was to retaliate the murder of the moosewala and akali leader Dal Vicky Middukhera in Mohali last year last year last year.

Middukhera is a colleague of gangster captured by Lawrence Bishnoi, who has been named the mastermind in this case. The name of a Shaganpreet, who is seen close to Moosewala, has appeared in the Middukhera murder case because it is suspected that he protects it (Middukhera’s killer). Gang Lawrence Bishnoi suspected that Moosewala was also involved in the murder.

Moosewala was killed by a plan formed by a big network

According to the information, the plan to kill Moosewala was trained through a network of gangsters housed in several prisons for several months, but the intellectual authors issued the “order to kill” the day (May 28) The safety of the singer was pruned by the Punjab government. He was shot dead in Jawaharke village in Mansa on May 29. The sources said Lawrence Bishnoi, the main conspirator, confessed to the police that they planned the murder in August 2021.

Talking to the Tribune, Mansa SSP Gaurav Toora said: “The reason behind the murder was to avenge the murder of Middukhera as the Lawrence Bishnoi gang suspected Moosewala in him.”

Fir named 36 Defendants

20 Arrested, 8 escaped, 4 hiding abroad, two killed in a police meeting & 2 released after the investigation

Lawrence Bishnoi, Goldy Brar and Jaggu Bhagwanpuria

6 Shooter: Ankit Sersa, Fauji (Head of Module Haryana), Kashish; Jagroop Roopa & Manpreet Manu Kusa (both killed in a meeting) and Deepak Mundi (in escape)

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