Anu Kapoor narrated to Arundhati Roy, said – sorry, but she betrayed the country many times

Bollywood’s fun-loving artist Anu Kapoor has been active in the film industry for 40 years. But he is also an actor who never dreamed of becoming a hero. His grandfather and maternal grandfather were freedom fighters. He himself was so promising in studies that he got 93% marks in class 12th. He used to dream of IAS since childhood but his parents were not in such financial condition that they could help their son to study. In this way, Anu Kapoor left his dream and came to the film industry, but today he has become such a big star that he is counted among the most fun actors of the entertainment world.

Recently, Anu Kapoor revealed many such things in an interview given to Hindustan Times. He told that he used to dream of becoming an IAS in school time. But when he became an actor, he also performed this job with complete honesty. When it comes to entering politics, all these are not even in his thoughts. Along with this, Anu Kapoor also talked about her Struggle, OTT and Arundhati Roy.

Anu Kapoor told the meaning of politics

Can Anu Kapoor try luck in politics too? On this question, the actor said that he does not fit in politics. He does not have the talent to become a politician. Once I explained in my show what it means to be a politician. Like poly means a lot or such talent where you know how to be stupid and abusive. Ticain means crawling insects.

I am worried about India
The actor said that whether politicians or judiciary or bureaucracy, all are by-products of our system. Unfortunately we have to say that our system is the most corrupt, hypocritical and ostentatious in the world. I don’t care what is happening in America, Switzerland, I am worried about India. I take my Motherland very seriously and that’s why I feel so bad for it.

‘Arundhati cheated the country many times’
Anu Kapoor also reacted to Booker Prize winning writer Arundhati Roy in this interview. Accused Arundhati of betraying the country. He said, “Here I am taking the name of Arundhati Roy with great respect. He has betrayed the country many times.

Questions raised on people sitting in the top of OTT
In this interview, Anu Kapoor also raised questions on the OTT world. The actor said that such people are sitting at the top in this world who come from the field of advertising. They are those people who sell their bad product by showing lies and truth in a minute. Now it will be the same here. Exactly the same happens in cinema.

I am not Salman or Amitabh…

Anu Kapoor also talked about those characters when you have to do unofficial roles too. He said that I am not Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. I have to act to run the house. I am a struggle actor.


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