Artema LAB NFTs Of Formula 1 Racing Memorabilia Enter The best Motorsport Multiverse

Formula 1 race has a moment in the United States. This is, mostly, related to them success of television series to survive. The impact of the show has expanded interest in all things formula 1.

Formula 1 is build unique in 2022.

Artema Labs has entered this room, building unique digital collections based on sports cars and drivers. Artema, working with Motorsport Multiverse, created three NFT series: Moment Motorsport, Motorsport Card, and Nigel Mansell collection.

The NFT collection began to be sold at the end of this month. There are pre-sales tickets that are currently sold for initial access to the collection.

Even cars used by formula 1 drivers.

For fans and collectors, getting one of the actual teeth used by the driver is almost impossible. They are very coveted, rare, and expensive. Even replica helmets, when it can be found, the cost of thousands of dollars. NFT Artema Labs is the right recreation using the 3-D image of the helmet, gloves, racing settings and even cars used by F1 drivers. They are sold by edition, representing critical equipment racing.

The team in Artema Ideates, design, and producing interactive 3-D digital products that are engineered interactively living in layer 2 blockchain. They partner with Motorsport which has a license to most of the intellectual property of F1 racing. Motorsport is the center of the F1 community, holding many intellectual product rights for images and products. They accommodate more than 62 million visits every month to their website.

A unique Formula 1 car for drivers.

Motorsport created Motorsport Multiverse to build a community among fans and distribution platforms to supply them with unique access to various products related to their teams and drivers. The upcoming decline on their platform is a partnership with artema that builds NFT products sold.

I spoke at length with Madhu Vijayan, CEO of Artema Labs about how they worked with Motorsport to build the NFT edition. This NFT represents loyal replication of vehicles and equipment used by racers, or moment series that combines videos in NFT. They also built a separate collection that commemorates Nigel Mansell, a praised driver who won 31 races in his fifteen seasons as an F1 driver.

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