Best Places in Gujarat to Explore in September

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will on Saturday unveil the famous pedestrian bridge between Ellis Bridge and Sardar Bridge, which is built near the banks of the Sabarmati River. As India celebrated its 75th anniversary of independence last week, Ahmedabad’s famous tourist hotspot, Sabarmati Riverfront, also completed its decade.

Keeping in mind the interests of tourists and tourists, a pedestrian bridge was built between Ellis Bridge and Sardar Bridge, adding another attraction. The 300-meter-long bridge connects the east and west sides of the Sabarmati riverfront.

“The bridge will connect multi-storey car parks and various public developments on the east and west banks, from the plaza between the West Bank Floral Park and event venue to the planned arts/culture/exhibition centre on the east bank,” it said in a statement Say.

Unique in design – both technically and visually – the bridge will also elevate the riverbank and the city as an engineering marvel. Also, on Sunday, the Prime Minister will inaugurate the “Veer Balak Memorial” in the town of Kachi, Anjar.

During the 26 January 2001 Gujarat earthquake, 185 schoolchildren and 20 teachers were buried under the rubble of nearby buildings as they attended a rally in the town of Kuchiangel. The tragic nature of the incident has drawn attention around the world.

Then-Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the construction of a memorial to the children. Now the monument outside the city of Anjar is ready to be unveiled by the Prime Minister.

Construction of the monument has been completed under the leadership of Prime Minister Bhupendra Patel. 100 family members of the deceased were invited to participate in the sacrificial event.

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