Best Wordle 428 HINTS for August 21: Struggling with Wordle today? Clues to help get an answer

Wordle 428 is the last puzzle that was posted on Sunday, August 21 for the New York Times puzzle game. If you have trouble trying to understand the five-letter challenge today, here are some tips to help you.

it is the daily puzzle game that has stormed the world this year.

The rules are simple – you get six assumptions to try to resolve a word of five letters that changes every day.

You enter your answers in a grid on the Wordle website and each individual tile for each letter will flash a certain color depending on whether you are right or not.

If a tile appears yellow, you have properly guessed a letter that appears in Lands’ response but it is in a bad position, if it is green, it is the right letter in the right position and if it is gray, the letter does not appear at all in this word.


Once You solve the latest Wordle puzzles you can share on social media free spoilers that show how fast you solve the puzzles -shown by the green, yellow and gray boxes.

You might see this post appearing on your social media feed – if someone gets a line that all of them managed to guess the wordle in one way.

If you are looking for help trying to find out Wordle 428 then here are some tips and tricks for August 21 …

General Wordle tips and tricks…

Don’t use the same letters twice in your opening guesses.

• Try to use some vocals in your first guess, especially ‘A’ and ‘E’.

• Avoid letters such as ‘x’, ‘z’, and ‘Q’ until later, when you have a better idea of what the answer is.

• ‘Raise’ is a good word to start, while ‘touch’ is a decent second guess.

• See the daily instructions provided by Express Online below …

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