Big tech under Parliamentary panel lens for alleged anti-competition play in 2022

Parliamentary panels about anti-competence today questioned the peak executive of Indian Apple, Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft weapons about their company’s business models and their impact on small players, the source said.

Parliamentary Committee on Finance

The Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Finance, chaired by Lok Sabha Jayant Sinha member, has examined various aspects of competition in the Indian market, focusing on the technology sector. Representatives from large global technology companies were asked to appear before the panel on Tuesday.Recently.

Anti-competition practices from Parliamentary

There were complaints about the alleged anti-competition practices from various platforms and technology companies. According to the notification issued by the Lok Sabha Secretariat, the agenda of the meeting was “Oral evidence of representatives of large technology companies about the practice of ‘anti-competitive’ subjects by large technology companies.

Someone who is familiar with this problem said, “Members of the panel are worried whether small sellers really benefit from large technology or not. They also asked about the initiative taken to ensure the benefits of small sellers. “Previously the panel had held discussions with homemade start-ups including Swiggy and Zomato food delivery platforms.

Many places for Parliamentary

Flipkart e-commerce players, Ola taxi aggregators, Oyo hotel aggregators, and All India Gaming Association. Representatives from these companies have raised problems such as predatory prices and lack of equality of platforms by large technology giants.The person, who did not want to be named, said, “Panel members do not discuss problems with deep discounts and other price concerns.

It is a constructive discussion and there is no grill from the committee members. “Development came a few days after the Union Cabinet cleaning the Competition Bill (Amendment), 2022. This bill aims to bring more flexibility, agencies, and accountability to the Indian Competition Commission (CCI). The committee is likely to submit its report to parliament before the bill comes for discussion.

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