Bomb attack Daughter of prominent Putin supporter killed in Moscow car bomb attack in 2022

The daughter of a Russian ideologist, who is one of the most prominent supporters of President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, died in a car bombing outside Moscow on Saturday night.Russian investigators said Daria Dugina, a journalist and nationalist political analyst, died after the Toyota Land Cruiser he was driving exploded outside of Odintsovo, a suburbs of about 20 km west of Moscow.

The car belonged to his father Alexander Dugin in Bomb attack

which he had been waiting for while he gave a lecture at a festival outside the previous capital on Saturday. The right wing philosopher has planned to travel with his daughter after college but decided to replace the car, Andrei Krasnov,

a Dugina friend, told the state of Newswire Tass about Bomb attack.

Moscow car bomb attack

The bomb was placed under the car on the side of the driver and killed Dugina on the spot, the investigators added, showing “The crime was planned in advance on the orders of [someone]”.It is not clear who planted bombs and why they target Dugin, a famous but marginal figure, or his daughter in Bomb attack.

Ilya Pononomarev, a former Russian MPs who now lives in Kyiv, said he had been contacted by an anti -Russian war partisan who claimed responsibility for the attack.Ponomarev, who once had a close relationship with Kremlin before he embraced opposition to Putin and was expelled from parliament, claimed he was in contact with “national resistance army” and said they had carried out “many other partisan actions” behind the enemy line.

The former member of parliament, who became a citizen of Ukraine in 2019, did not provide any evidence for his claim or the existence of “National Resistance Army.” He read the manifesto for the group where he vowed to “destroy” Putin’s “accomplices”.The attack occurred after Ukraine emerged to carry out a series of increasingly bolder attacks in the Russian Sanguzed region and hundreds of miles behind the front lines in the mainland Russia in recent weeks.

But Mykhailo Podolyak Senior Advisor of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, denied Kyiv involved in the attack. “Ukraine has absolutely nothing to do with this because we are not criminal countries like Russia, or terrorists at the time,” he told Ukraine television.

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