California to ban sales of petrol-only best vehicles by 2035

California will ban the sale of new petrol vehicles in 2035, marking historic steps in state efforts to overcome climate change.This new rule aims to force car makers to speed up the introduction to a cleaner vehicle market.That happened after Governor Gavin Newsom set a target in 2020 to accelerate the shift of fossil fuels.This step is important because California is the most populous state in the US and one of the largest economies in the world.

California saled 35% of new petrol vehicles.

Under the rules, issued by California Air Resources Board (CARB), 35% of new petrol vehicles sold in states must be powerful, hybrid or hydrogen in 2026.Regulations will apply to 68% of petrol vehicle sales in 2030, and 100% in 2035.Chairman of Carb Others Randolph said the move was “historic moment for California, for our partner countries and for the world when we brought the path to the future of zero emissions”.

Big problem while using an electric vehicle.

A big problem to start using an electric vehicle Will the sale of electric motorcycles take off in Asia?This announcement is the latest step by California because it continues to move faster than the US Federal Government to tighten emission rules.With more than 39 million inhabitants, California is the largest state in the US according to the population. If it is an independent country, it will be the fifth largest economy in the world with gross domestic product, putting it in front of England.

Joseph Mendelson, a senior advisor at Carmaker Electric Tesla, said Carb’s plan “could be achieved and opened the way for California to lead in shocking the light task sector”.However, the alliance for automotive innovation – representing car makers including General Motors, Volkswagen and Toyota – said more needs to be done to increase the demand for electric vehicles (EV).

More and more electric vehicle on road.

“What we say to Carb and others is that getting more EV on the road must go hand in hand with other policies that together will eventually determine the success of this transition,” said the President and Executive Head of the Alliance John Bozzella.New rules are still approved by the US government before they can apply.However, the American American Fuel & Petrochemical Trade Association asked President Biden and the Environmental Protection Agency to “reject the request of California for the neglect of clean air laws to continue with prohibitions that violate this law.”

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