‘CASHBACK SBI CARD’ launched: Check features, benefits, and cashback %, more

SBI Card recently launched a cashback credit card called “CASHBACK SBI Card” in India. By offering a 5% bonus on all online purchases, with no retailer restrictions, this new cashback-focused card aims to promote the cashback system. 1% cash back is also offered on all offline purchases and utility bill payments.

Customers in India, even in second and third tier cities, can use the digital application platform “SBI Card SPRINT” to quickly and easily get a cashback SBI card at home with just a few clicks. As a special offer, the contactless card is free for the first year until March 2023. Thanks to its strong offer, cashback SBI card customers get unlimited 1% cashback on all purchases, which increases to 5% on all online purchases up to Rs 10,000 per month billing cycle. Cash Back SBI Cards feature an automatic cash back credit feature that allows authorized cash back to be automatically credited to the SBI Card account within two days of generating the statement. Rama Mohan Rao Amara, General Manager and CEO of SBI Card, said: “The cashback SBI Card will continue to strengthen our core card portfolio.

This product is a great example of our continuous efforts to respond to the changing needs of our customers. Among our various initiatives, we carefully assessed cardholders’ affinity for online shopping and cash back. To this end, we have carefully designed the cash back SBI card, which truly allows customers to enjoy cash back offers on any consumption anytime, anywhere. The launch of this unique card comes at an opportune time as customers can experience its power every day and make the most of it for the upcoming holiday season. (visited quarterly). Up to Rs 100 surcharge per billing month per credit card account and 1% fuel fee waiver for transactions between Rs 500 and 3,000. The annual renewal fee for the card is Rs 999 + all relevant taxes.When they attain the milestone of Rs 2 lakh in annual spending during the card membership year, holders of CASHBACK SBI Cards are eligible for renewal fee reimbursement. The VISA platform supports the CASHBACK SBI Card.

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