Charu Asopa put ‘Sen’ in front of the name, told the truth of ‘Happy Photo’ with husband Rajiv

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen and his wife Charu Asopa have been in the news for the rift and patch-up in their relationship. Sometimes both are seen making serious allegations against each other and sometimes they are seen looting love. Every day something new is seen amidst the news of their divorce. Recently, when Rajiv shared a photo with Charu, people were stunned. It is being said that the resentment of both has gone away and the closeness has increased. It is also being said that Charu has again put ‘Sen’ in front of his name. However, the actress has now clarified by reacting to it. Let us know what he has given to these rumours.

Clearance given on applying Sen

Charu Asopa clearly said, ‘I had never removed ‘Sen’, so the question of me adding it back does not arise. All this is happening, so adding and dropping surnames does not come in anyone’s mind.

Rajiv Sen said this thing

At the same time, when I talked to Rajeev Sen about the photo that he had posted and is there any possibility of reconciliation? To this he said, ‘For my new post, the photo says it all.’


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