China Taiwan War: Drones, one million soldiers, warships… China-Taiwan may have a bigger war than Russia-Ukraine, America will also have to pay the price

China Taiwan Conflict: It is feared that Russia’s attack on Ukraine may encourage China and it can take advantage of this opportunity to attack Taiwan.

Fears of Sino-Taiwan War


  • War between China and Taiwan is likely, former US official warns
  • China is conducting the largest ever military exercise around Taiwan
  • The official said- America may have to pay the price for intervening

Washington/Beijing : China could launch a devastating attack on Taiwan that would be bigger than Russia’s attack on Ukraine. This warning from experts is frightening. Military analysts fear that China may send high-tech drones, one million soldiers, warships and bombers to the Taiwan Strait. The news comes as China is conducting its largest ever military exercise around Taiwan that has disrupted some of the world’s busiest waterways. China has started these exercises in protest against the visit of US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

Nancy Pelosi is the first American speaker to visit Taiwan in 25 years. The exercise, which started on Thursday afternoon, also included live firing. China’s state media has given this information. China lays claim to Taiwan and has vowed to annex it by force if necessary. For this reason, serious predictions are being made about a possible war between China and Taiwan.

‘Greatest catastrophe since the Korean War’
It is feared that Russia’s attack on Ukraine may boost China’s morale and it may take advantage of this opportunity to attack Taiwan. Former White House adviser David Ochmanek told The Sun Online that the catastrophe could be greater than what the world had seen since the Korean conflict in 1951. Three million civilians were killed in the Korean War in which the US dropped more than 600,000 tons of bombs on North Korea.

‘It will take only a few days to defeat China’
Ochmanek, a former defense analyst in the Obama administration, said the US and its allies would only have days…not weeks, not months, to defeat China if China started a war against Taiwan. “It is expected that China will use its missiles on a large scale against Taiwan and if Washington intervenes, it may do the same against American targets,” he said. It is believed that lethal drones can prove to be the most important weapon in this war.

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