Chinese Military: The ongoing war in China is ‘theatrical transformation’, soldiers practicing treatment after becoming injured, Taiwan’s missiles ready

Beijing: China is angry with US Congress President Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. China is constantly conducting military exercises close to Taiwan. China is trying to intimidate Taiwan through military exercises. China is showing its power by firing missiles. With this, he has now released a new video, in which exercises are being done to take Chinese soldiers to the hospital if they are injured. China wants to show through this video that it is ready to die.

Tensions have increased between the two countries in recent days. China has sent jets into Taiwan’s airspace and has demonstrated its military might by firing missiles. China has launched exercises in response to the visit of Nancy Peloki. More than 100 fighter jets and 10 warships have been conducting live-fire military exercises around Taiwan over the past two days. Training is still going on in three zones around Taiwan.

China preparing for attack – Taiwan
China’s military says it conducted air and sea warfare exercises in the north, southwest and east of the island to test its military’s combat capability. At the same time, Taiwan has said that China is preparing for an attack on it through this maneuver. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry tweeted, “Several PLA aircraft have crossed the median line around the Taiwan Strait. This is a preparation to target our high value assets. China is doing a simulated attack. To respond to this action of China, Taiwan’s army has issued an alert, patrolling aircraft, patrol ships and missile systems are being used.
Israel Gaza Attack: 10 people including Hamas commander killed in Israeli missile attack, rockets were also fired from Gaza StripChina doing medical exercises
China has started medical exercises along with maneuvers. The Global Times has released a video of a rehearsal for the Chinese military to deal with casualties. In this video, injured soldiers are seen being taken to a train for treatment and stretchers are placed on their seats. The train with a capacity of 100 people has ICU, operation room. The President of Taiwan has said that these drills are being closely monitored.

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