Covid Cases: Professor of IIT Kanpur claims, if the new variant does not come, now no wave of Kovid will come

Kanpur: IIT Kanpur has said that the rise in COVID cases in some parts of the country is not a cause for concern. People are recovering in 3-4 days only. If no new variants of the virus have spread among people who are getting infected, then there is no possibility of a fourth wave. Professor Rajesh Ranjan said that the cases would keep on increasing. If the trend of increase in new cases in Delhi continues for 6-7 days, then the results will start coming from the model.

live with virus
Assistant Professor Ranjan, who accurately assesses the epidemic from the mathematical S-I-R model, said that the cases have increased in the last two days, but I am convinced that there is no possibility of the next wave without the spread of any new variants. Everything is open in 2022. Life has become normal. People have stopped defending themselves. Or rather, we have learned to live together for the corona virus. We have to understand that the most vulnerable to the virus currently circulating is the population that has never been infected. Such people will remain at risk of infection.

Second booster may also be needed
Professor Ranjan said that the Omicron variant of Corona is not as deadly as Delta. Many people may not even know that they are infected themselves. Common people should not hesitate to get booster dose. It is also possible that a second booster dose may also be needed in the future. The government should be ready for this. The virus has not gone anywhere. It exists in our midst.

spanish flu
Ranjan said that the behavior of the corona virus is exactly like the virus of Spanish flu. It’s becoming like the common flu. What happened during the pandemic in 1920, is happening now. The only difference is that the disease had become uncontrollable due to the absence of a vaccine at that time. This time the vaccine has given us a shield. After 10-20 years corona will come and go like seasonal flu.

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