Cryptocurrency Price Today: Bitcoin Dips to $20,000; Ether, Solana Lose Up to 23% in a Week

Today’s Cryptocurrency Price, August 22: Today’s Bitcoin Price When Writing this article is $ 20,988.95, down 1.57 percent for the last 24 hours. The bearish running that was seen by the cryptocurrency market last week continued on Monday, August 22, when large coins registered continuous decline in their values.

Bitcoin, the largest crypto token based on market capitalization, comes under $ 21,000, while the ether that reaches $ 2000 days ago down to the $ 1500 sign. Other crypto coins, including cardano, dogecoin, polka -dot and BNB also registered losses because the bears seemed to grip Crypto Market for unclear reasons for weeks -weeks after investors finally began to see better days this year.

Crypto global market capitalization is threatened with a decrease under the $ 1 trillion sign because it is traded at $ 1.01 trillion, registering a 0.00 percent decline from that day, data from Coinmarketcap shows.


Bitcoin remained red that day and fell under the $ 21,000 sign. Today’s Bitcoin price at the time of writing this article is $ 20,988.95, down 1.57 percent for the last 24 hours, the data taken from CoinmarketCaps shows. In the last seven days, the price of Bitcoin has fallen 12.61 percent.

On the other hand, today’s ether price dropped 3.23 percent at the time of writing in the article for a $ 1522.21 scale, showing data from CoinMarketCap. Over the past week, the price of the ether has dropped by 18.92 percent, further data shows.

“Bitcoin and Ethereum witnessed a slight improvement when male ox trying to restore the missing initiative. Although BTC and ETH have lost their weekly profits, they managed to remain above their important level of support at US $ 20,000 and US $ 1,500 which showed that male cattle had not surrendered in cryptocurrency.

The steps above today’s level today, can cause BTC to bounce back to the level of US $ 22,000, “said Edul Patel, CEO and colleague of Mudrex founder.”On the other hand, Ethereum is currently among his support at US $ 1,500 and resistance at US $ 1,655. This has not gathered enough strength to make sharp movements on both sides. So, we might see ETH trade sideways for the next few days, “Patel added.

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