They Lost Cryptocurrency in the Crash. They’re Trying to Get It Back in 2022

David Little began to lose hope. Like thousands of other investors, he lost most of his Cryptocurrency savings – the number that once contributed more than half of his net wealth – when the Crypto Network of the Celsius Network Experimental Bank submitted bankruptcy this summer.

Then he has an idea. In July, Mr. Little, a 35 -year -old engineer in Houston, wrote a letter to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. For the southern district of New York, with the reason that he and others who have deposited their digital currencies in a special type of Celsius account must be able to withdraw funds. Immediately he started to get a call from fellow depositors – a man who struggled to pay rent, a woman who lost her retirement savings.

Mr. Little began a group chat that was growing including hundreds of Celsius customers. Within a few days, they collected $ 100,000 to rent the Togut law firm, Segal & Segal to pressure their case in court.


“If I am part of the warning story in Crypto, I will know I don’t just sit and don’t do anything,” said Mr. Little.

The explosion of the company is one of the most destructive episodes of Cryptocurrency accidents this summer, the moment of calculations that reveal the practice of industrial risk and destroy thousands of investors. Celsius customers themselves lost $ 5 billion, and the collapse of the company sent tremors in the Digital Currencies market, capturing the prices of Bitcoin and Ether.

Now the accident has entered an important new phase: in a hurry to restore lost funds. This effort stretches outside Celsius, because amateur traders who bet on various crypto projects that failed to seek compensation, filed lawsuits and mobilize online. At the same time, some of the strongest industrial companies are checking what is left of the company depressed in the hunt for potential agreements.

Celsius Departors scramble to save even part of their savings, gather in online forums to debate legal strategies, and offer emotional support to cryptocurrency.

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