CWG 2022: 10 players who went to participate in the Commonwealth Games went missing, ready to leave the country to settle in England

Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 has concluded. More than 5 thousand athletes from 72 countries participated in this great game of 11 days. India’s neighboring country Sri Lankan athletes also participated in the Commonwealth Games, but after the completion of the Commonwealth Games, it is being told that 10 Sri Lankan players are missing. These include 9 athletes and one manager. In view of the country’s economic crisis, all these 10 also do not want to go back to Sri Lanka. A complaint was made to the local police to trace them but their whereabouts could not be traced.

Let us tell you that Sri Lanka is going through a period of severe economic crisis. The President has fled the country. The people here are not getting even the necessary face. The situation is so serious that the country has run out of fuel. People have to wait a long time for five to six days to put fuel in their vehicles. In such a situation, the citizens of Sri Lanka want to migrate from the country. A 161-member team, including 51 officials, went to Birmingham from Sri Lanka in the Commonwealth Games. Although there was a crisis with Sri Lankan athletes participating in the Commonwealth as well, but with the help of the Commonwealth Games Federation and the cricket board here, he was able to go to Birmingham.

At the same time, to search for the missing players, the police officials have asked for the passports of all so that they can be traced. The police want to find the players and decide whether they are safe or not. This is not the first time that Sri Lankan players have gone missing on a foreign tour. Even before this, during the Wrestling World Championship in Oslo, the team manager had disappeared without informing. During the Asian Games in 2014, two Sri Lankan players from Sri Lanka went missing, about which no information was found.

Asia Cup will not be held in Sri Lanka due to financial constraints

The current situation in Sri Lanka has become so bad that big events of the game are slipping in its hands. Recently, the hosting of T20 Asia Cup was handed over to UAE instead of Sri Lanka. The T20 Asia Cup is to begin this month from August 27, but due to the situation in the country, the hosting was withdrawn from Sri Lanka.

Although Sri Lanka had previously successfully hosted Australia and Pakistan, the Asia Cup is a big tournament. In such a situation, for its successful and proper organization, the Asian Cricket Council has decided to organize the Asia Cup in the UAE.

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