Trending: Two women fight for a seat in Delhi Metro, video goes viral on social media in 2022

A video of Delhi Metro is going viral on social media. Two women are seen fighting for a seat in the metro. Netizens are making funny comments on the video. If you have traveled in the metro, then you must have often seen people fighting for seats. Sometimes there is no seat and still, people insist on sitting in Delhi metro.

However, recently a video has surfaced, in which despite having a seat, there is a fight between two women. Everyone is shocked to see this video that has surfaced through social media. In the video going viral, you can see that a woman wearing a sari is sitting on the seat of the metro and she has also kept her bag on the seat itself. Due to this bag, the fight starts.

You will see in the video that another woman comes there and asks to give her place to the lady in a sari, but that woman flatly refuses. The woman in the sari says that we do not have space. However, it is clearly visible that the woman in the sari has also kept her bag on the seat, which is wrong.

quarrel over a pointless matter in the Delhi metro

From this moment the fight starts. You will see in the video that now the other woman also sits with the woman in the sari and does not take the name of moving. An argument starts between the two and everyone traveling in the metro is watching them.

video going viral of Delhi metro

This video has been posted on the social media platform Instagram with an account named Pratibha.sharma_09. This video, shared 5 days ago, has been viewed millions of times so far. The video has been liked by more than 3.42 lakh people. In the caption of the video, the user has written – ‘This madam Ji also needs a seat to keep the bag in the metro.’

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