Latest Current discom dues dropped 80% the day after the exchange ban

Current state contributions and trade unions for developers have dropped 80% in one day from an electric network operator that prohibits default distribution companies from electricity exchanges for short-term purchases or sales. They fell to ₹ 1,037 Crore on Friday from ₹ 5,100 crores after a few paid while others denied their contributions.

Restrictions on Karnataka and Telangana are removed right before midnight. Five states, including Madhya Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Rajasthan, remained suspended from trade in the electric exchange until the press on Friday. Jammu and Kashmir contributions are currently the highest at ₹ 435 Crore, followed by Madhya Pradesh at ₹ 234 Crore.

In addition to the current contributions, the power distribution utility has accumulated more than ₹ 1 lakh crore, which is completed according to the plan formulated by the center.

Bihar, Manipur, and Jharkhand are among the countries that have paid contributions. At the same time, Maharashtra said it cleaned it according to the order of the regulatory commission, said the source in discom.

Real-Time Market Rates Hit Ceiling(Discom)

Thursday night, six state-Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Manipur were allowed to trade electricity after they did not claim extraordinary or disputed demands of discom.(Wikipedia)

Responding to questions sent by ET, Secretariat Andhra Pradesh said the State Distribution Company (Discom) had strictly followed the rules and there was no delayed contribution for the generator. “On August 18, RS 412 Crore was displayed as a contribution for generators in the Praapti portal. According to LPS regulations, short-term access to the electric market is limited by NLDC according to information in the Praapti portal. However, this contribution is paid to the generator,” said the government States.

Prices in the real-time market segment (RTM) from the exchange of India elections on Friday jumped to a maximum of 12 Hospitals per unit to RS 7 per unit on Thursday after the countries mentioned above-suppressed purchases. The average price in this segment also rose to RS 5.46 per unit from RS 4.16 per unit. Power System Operation Corporation Limited (POSOCO) has imposed trade restrictions under the central electricity rules (additional payment costs and related matters), 2022, notified in June.

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