Dizo Wireless Active review: Good budget workout companion

Dizo has a range of neckband-style earphones already, but with the Dizo Wireless Active, the focus is clear – a no-nonsense pair of neckband-style earphones for those into fitness, sports or other outdoor activities. The earphones come with a lightweight design, sweat and splash resistance, and a promise of quality sound. Is that enough? Find out in my full review below.

Dizo Wireless Active specs: 11.2mm drivers | Magnetic earphone ends | 23-hour battery life |

Design, fit and comfort
The Wireless Active has a great design, and I say that for many reasons. The first is that even a neckband has a design that has been around for years to stand out. The etched pattern on the body looks great in the indigo blue variant we have here. They don’t add any extra features to the earphones, but they’re there despite being budget-oriented. This is really nice.

The earbuds are also light enough for outdoor use. The cardboard packaging of the Dizo Wireless Active weighs less than 25 grams and can be mistaken for an empty box. When you’re not using these earbuds, it’s also easy to forget that you’re wearing them or that they’re dangling from your neck. Unsurprisingly, these earphones are very comfortable to wear for hours on end, and while there aren’t any hooks to attach these fitness earbuds to your ears, the comfortable fit and light weight mean they won’t work when you’re running, climbing Wear it and even dance to sneak out.

After all, these headphones do feel like they’re built to last. The buttons are rock solid, the plastic body doesn’t feel flimsy, and neither does the cable from the body to the earbuds. Paying close attention, I observed what appeared to be a protective coating material on the wires. While it’s not quite as good as the braided design, they should take the Wireless Active a little more punch than some other cheap neckband earbuds with extra-fine wires, feeling like they might break in flight.

sound quality, connectivity
I was blown away by the sound quality of the Dizo Wireless Active. Considering the price of these headphones, the sound quality of the headphones is quite good. As with most budget-friendly headphones, you have a small adjustment bias for the bass here, which makes them ideal for hip-hop and most other genres you might consider “workout music.”

I don’t go to the gym, but I do rollerblades, go for a good run whenever I can, and listen to fast-paced tracks like “Fast Lane” from “Bad Meets Evil” or my endless rock playlists and metal classics. When comparing these earbuds to pricier products like Dizo’s own Wireless Dash, the sound lacks depth, and the instrument separation isn’t the best on more complex tracks, like Evanescence’s My Immortal (band version) or Arctic Monkey’s I think You know, but then again, you can only get so much for 1,499 rupees, and for that price, they’re really good.

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