Will Ethereum Be Vulnerable to Censorship After the Merge in 2022

The community discusses whether large validators can end up being forced to censor transactions after the merger.
The creator of Vitalik Buterin thinks that the censorship of transactions would constitute an attack on the network.
Some projects have already launched addresses sanctioned on a blacklist.

Merge Hype Overshadowed by Tornado Cash(Ethereum)

The Ethereum community is concerned about censorship.

There is only one month left before Ethereum goes from its mechanism of evidence to proof of proof. The transition, a familiar known in the cryptographic space under the name of “fusion”, should reduce the energy consumption of the network by 99% and the rate of emission of slash tokens by 90%. Delayed several times in the past, the long-awaited upgrade seems to take place next month on September 15.

The amortization of the excitement of the community, however, came with the recent decision of the Office of Control of Foreign Assets of the US Treasury (OFAC) to add the popular Privacy Protocol to its list of sanctions, claiming that the Application was mainly a money laundering vehicle for cyber criminals. This decision is unprecedented in the sense that it is the first time that an open source piece of code is added to a list of sanctions. After this decision, the Dutch authorities arrested a tornado cash developer as part of a separate investigation into the Privacy Protocol.

To the news of the Tornado cash ban, several companies such as Stablecoin Issuer Circle, the GitHub software versions management platform, and the Ethereum Infura infrastructure provider quickly respected sanctions, Ethereum addresses affiliated in cash of black Tornado listed in the Declaration of the OFAC. The Tornado affair creates a worrying precedent, and now the cryptographic community has profound concerns that centralized entities performing validators of evidence of Ethereum could be forced, in the future, to censor transactions on the Ethereum blockchain same.

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