Facebook’s customer care service is coming soon

Since Facebook was founded 18 years ago, users haven’t had a service that allows them to talk to the company about its modest options. That’s changing, however, as Facebook’s parent company Meta plans to make it easier for its users to get support if their accounts or posts are deleted. According to Bloomberg, Meta’s vice president of governance, Brent Harris, said the social media giant spends “a lot of time” on customer service.
What will Meta customer service do?

The main function of Meta’s customer service department is currently unknown, the report said. However, according to The Verge, the company is rolling out a live chat support plan for some users in 2021.

The program allows some English-speaking users to chat with people at Meta when they need help with new features or are locked out of their accounts. When launching the program, the company mentioned that it was “the first time Facebook has offered real-time assistance to people with locked accounts.”
Meanwhile, Meta did not comment on whether the company’s recent efforts were related to “quizzes,” or whether the service was expanding in the months following its launch.

Why Meta fixed its customer support experience
If Meta plans to power all of its platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Horizon VR and other properties, it will be “a huge undertaking for the company,” the report mentions. According to the report, based on feedback from its oversight committee, Meta made the final decision to improve its customer support experience.
In 2021, an independent body (funded by the company) was created to oversee and overturn Meta’s decisions. The board reported that it had received nearly a million complaints from users about the company’s content moderation, the report said.

However, while Meta tries to help users who are inadvertently hit by automated moderation tools, the company is still working to remove those who deliberately try to circumvent the ban.
The report added that Meta’s head of counterterrorism policy, Dina Hussein, recently shared a tweet claiming about 500 accounts, pages, groups and activities associated with Proud Boys, a white supremacist group banned from operating by the platform , removed 2018.

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