Good news for WhatsApp users! These three features will change the way you use the app

New Delhi. There has been a tremendous increase in the popularity of WhatsApp in the last few years. With the help of this platform, crores of people have been communicating in their personal and professional life every day. However, there have been controversies regarding privacy on this platform and allegations have been made that the data of users is leaked from the WhatsApp platform. Even the biggest reason for the growth of messaging applications like Signal and Telegram was that these platforms have been considered very strict about privacy and user data. However, now WhatsApp is also going to take new measures regarding privacy.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that WhatsApp is going to introduce three new privacy features for its users. According to reports, WhatsApp has tried to add a new layer to the privacy policy so that users can feel secure about their messages. With the help of these three features, not only can you hide your online status, but these features also provide users with more control over security during messaging. Apart from this, with the help of these features, users can leave a group silently if they want and the people present in the group do not even know about it. Know about these three features in detail.

You will not know if you leave a WhatsApp group:
It is often seen that family, friends and many other professional groups are formed in WhatsApp and people are not able to get out of these groups due to many reasons. There is a danger of getting angry with relatives when leaving family groups. Friends can be annoying when leaving the friends group and leaving the professional group puts you at risk of a bad impression on the boss. But in today’s digital race, people also feel very distracted by the message notifications of WhatsApp and are unable to focus. In such a situation, the new feature of WhatsApp can give a lot of relief to the users. Actually, according to this new feature, users can now leave any group and the rest of the people in the group will not even know about it. Only the admin of the group will be informed about this. According to reports, this feature can be rolled out for all WhatsApp users this month.

Different online or offline status for different people
Many times it happens that users do not want to show their online status in front of some people. However, till now the option was that you either go offline for all your contacts or appear online for everyone. But in this new feature, WhatsApp will provide users with this facility for whom they want to be online and for whom they want to show offline status. It is believed that this feature can also be rolled out for users this month.

Screenshots will be blocked
There is a special feature in WhatsApp which is very popular among users. The name of this feature is WhatsApp View Once. According to this feature, people can share photos or media without the need for a permanent digital record and the message can be viewed only once. Now WhatsApp is going to bring another layer of security in this feature. Now according to this updated feature, people can see the photo once but cannot take a screenshot of this photo. This feature that blocks screenshots is being tested. It is believed that it will soon be rolled out for WhatsApp users.

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