Heart attack everyday habits to prevent heart attack latest 2022

It is time to make healthy changes in the way we live our lives because they prevent heart death and heart attack. Here are 7 healthy lifestyle changes that you must do immediately. Are we living a healthy lifestyle? A series of recent celebrities of Celeb from Sonali Phogat, KK, to Sidharth Shukla because of the heart problem without signs and symptoms previously made us reflect what could be done to live a healthy life and free of disease.

Habilts to prevent heart attack.

While ‘no exercise’ can increase your chances of heart , too much can also do the same or even more damage, experts said. Because our lifestyle is increasingly settled – especially after Covid because many of us are now accustomed to being limited to homes and losing contact with physical routine physically – our hearts bear the burden and it’s time to make healthy changes in it the way we live our lives to prevent heart death and heart .

Sonali Phogat death by heart attack.

(Also read: Sonali Phogat Died of Heart Attack; Experts about what caused sudden cardiac arrest)Heart disease has now become very common lately and we have news that it happens at a younger age. Also, during the past year, we got some news that young celebrities, actors or athletes or even politicians at a younger age died of a sudden heart. And usually, this heart attack without previous signs and symptoms.

So, this news we got in the past year, most of the time there was a general denominator that they died without previous signs and symptoms and that suddenly and disaster in most of them, “said Dr. ChandraShekhar, Associate Director – Cardiology Interventional, Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh.Reasons for increasing in a heart .The reason for increasing the case of a heart attack is different from person to person.

Main reason for heart attack.

The main reason is the choice and habits of a bad lifestyle. Stress is another reason for a heart , a sudden stress can cause heart problems called cardiomyopathy. There is no connection with arterial blockage which causes heart attacks. A large risk factor for heart attack is the increase in type 2 diabetes incidence, cholesterol, hypertension.

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