Home Science best career aspects in 2022

Choosing home science as a college major role

Dr. Archana Bhat, Prof. Vishav DeepikaChoosing a home scince as a college major might make many eyes roll up, wondering what might make you choose the creation of a house as a career. But you can look into their eyes and forgive them because of their lack of knowledge.Careers in home science are abundant. Most people think that home scince is limited to mastery of household activities, but the fact is that the field of home scince has increased rapidly since its origin.

About home sciance at present time

At present, home scince is a dynamic field of study that includes scince, household economy and other aspects such as sociology, psychology, community life, nutrition, food biochemistry, microbiology, dietetic and fabric textiles. The importance of home science is seen, as a study of managing household activities for a long time. It can be seen as a subject for girls, who do not have high career aspirations. But that’s not the problem. This is a mixture of art and science. Learning home science gives students a very good career opportunity.

Let’s discuss the benefits of studying science at home.

Introducing home science as a mandatory subject at the school level will help to close gender gaps because boys and women can learn the nuances of running the house and caring for the wider community.Home science branchThere are five main fields of specialization and many fields of applied specialization in home science

Many fields of specialization in home science

Food and nutrition, applied branches: dietetic and nutrition; Dietetic and institutional management* Resource management, Applied Branch: Management and Extension of Community Resources* Fabric and clothing, applied branches are fashion designers* Human development, applied branches are the care and education of early childhood* Communication and extensionAt present, home science is very sophisticated so that each specialization is a domain by itself with the field of specialization and professional calls/opportunities.

Career choices after chasing home science courses are provided below.* Service and Tourism Industry* Health Care Industry* Teaching and research* Production and Food Industry* Nutrition and Dietetic* Management of resources* Clothes and textilesList of government departments that offer jobs at Jammu* Social Welfare Department* Higher education and school education* Health care and hospitality services* Research and development* Old age and unit/ child care project (UNESCO, Save the Children, WHO, ICDS)* Rural DepartmentList of Postgraduate Level Course after 12th grade

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