How to block spam emails from your Gmail inbox- Tips

If you’re a Gmail user, deleting spam must be a part of your life. Every time you sign up, your inbox is filled with unread emails – random emails, newsletters, sales emails, spam emails, promotional emails, and more.

You’ll agree with me when I say these emails are sure to annoy you at times, and you might want to delete them if you want to free up space in your inbox.

However, manually deleting emails can be a tedious process, as the spam stream is sure to be endless. Also, when these spam emails clutter our inbox, we miss some important emails. Therefore, we must take sensible steps to keep our inboxes free of spam. Here are a few steps to clear your inbox and have a smooth Gmail experience:

Unsubscribe from emails from specific senders

Sign in to Gmail

Select all spam you want to unsubscribe from
Click the I icon at the top and you’ll see the option to “Report Spam” or “Report Spam and Unsubscribe”.

You’ll need to check the IDs listed, and if you don’t find anything important, select the report spam option or the unsubscribe option.

If you post this, you will not receive emails from blocked email accounts.

If you find this tedious, you can also create filters to detect spam. Here are the steps:

Open mailbox

Click the search box at the top of the page
Type unsubscribe to list all promotional emails

Select any spam you want to unsubscribe from, but you’ll want to make sure to check for any newsletters or emails you’d like to use in your email

Click the three dots at the top of the page
From there, select Filter Messages
Now click on the Create Filter option to choose the action to be performed on the selected emails.

If you want to delete emails automatically, you can click the Create filter option and select the delete option.

Additionally, you will see a popup at the bottom letting you know that the filter has also been created.

In addition to deleting, you can filter these emails by applying labels or marking them as read.

Use a temporary email ID

We tend to share our primary Gmail account details on random sites – maybe for shopping, exploring, or binge-watching. However, when we share our ID with multiple third parties, we run the risk of receiving spam.
Sometimes these spam emails look legitimate, and you may end up clicking on phishing links that could put your personal information at risk.

So instead of using your primary Gmail ID on third-party sites, you can create a temporary email ID to protect yourself from spam and newsletters.

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