Hyderabad: Stampede outside Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium; chaotic scenes for tickets

India is currently in a three-match T20I series against Australia. According to the schedule, the first two matches will be played in Mohali and Nagpur, and the final T20I will be played in Hyderabad. This is the first time international cricket has returned to Hyderabad in three years.

The final T20I race of the series will take place in Hyderabad on September 25, 2022. Hyderabad has not played any international cricket matches for three consecutive years.

The third T20I match in Hyderabad could be decisive for the series and fate of Indian cricket teams. If the Indian team manages to win a second T20I in Nagpur, Hyderabad will witness a series of decisions. The last time the city of Hyderabad hosted any kind of international cricket match was in 2019.

Citizens of India love cricket and don’t hesitate, the passion for cricket is unparalleled in the world’s largest democracy. At 5am, fans began to gather outside the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium as everyone wanted a pass to watch the game. According to management, tickets should be sold late at night. The door has not yet opened, and a large group of fans are waiting outside the stadium, just to save a seat for themselves.

The situation has created traffic jams and fans are shocked at how the Hyderabad Cricket Association is handling the matter. As the situation spiralled out of control, police had to step in and disperse the crowd chanting anti-Hyderabad Cricket Association slogans. The entire ticketing process is handled by Paytm, but for online bookings, some fans have accused the company of not giving them any information on how to sell tickets online.

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