IAS Officer Shares best Techniques to Multitask at Work to Get Job Done Fast in 2022

Multitasking is a prerequisite for having a successful career. You have to take some roles when working for a certain period of time and who will know it better than IAS officers who have to supervise themselves and manage the work of all departments or districts?

IAS Officer Divya Mittal officer, who is currently posted as a district judge in Santa Kabir Nagar from Uttar Pradesh, has recently shared a list of tools and websites that help him do many tasks at work. “Many people ask me how I can do many tasks! The answer is technology! 10 Extraordinary Tools/Sites that you must start using today, “he tweeted.

IAS Officer Among the tips and tricks the IAS officer used were:

Dictation: Using this tool, you can dictate emails and documents in English, Hindi, Marathi, and many other local Indian languages ​​and save yourself from typing efforts.

Tiny Wow: This website offers 32 online tools to process PDFs – Edit, spill, combine, compress, and many other actions.

Canva: Need to design posters? Canva allows you to do that and more with a beautiful template and design option.

Hemingway: A word editor that assesses writing for readability. Helps eliminate mistakes/typical mistakes, and cut off descriptions, complex words, and long sentences.

Simple Wikipedia: If you find a complex Wikipedia explanation, simple Wikipedia can be your stopping place for simplified information.

Project Gutenberg: This is a library of more than 60,000 free ebooks and has some of the world’s largest literature with a focus on longer works.

Diff checker: Use Diffchecker to quickly identify the difference between two document versions, excel files, PDFs or images.

Crayon: This is an AI model that can draw images from any text prompt. While Crayon still needs a lot of updates, this platform is worth a try.

Ideas: This is a tool to take notes, knowledge and all-in-one data, and project management tools.

WolframAlpha: This platform offers a step-by-step solution for algebra, planning functions, and other mathematical problems. And not only that, but you can also have assistance with physics, chemistry, finance, geography, or even arts and cinemas between a number of topics and other subjects.

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