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Here are some fast technology catches for you so that you are still updated with the latest crypto and technology newsGood Morning Tech Fam, this is a quick renewal of technology for you to catch:What’s new today: EOS prices rose 28% over the past week, the biggest winner among 49 digital assets; Crypto investors in India migrate their investment into global exchange.

Fast-trach insight: Cagr India in the fintech sector grew by 20%, which is higher than the US, Britain and China; Google and Samsung invest billions in Crypto companies.Digital Token EOS, mostly disappointing since the initial coin offer of US $ 4 billion in 2018 (EOS dropped 37% since then), received a new jolt thanks to the shift in the technology announced last week.The price of EOS has increased 28% over the past week, the biggest winner among 49 digital assets which was tracked by Messari with a market capitalization of at least US $ 1 billion.

CRYPTO investment is in top today.

Yesterday, Mint reported that Crypto investors were active in India to migrate their investment into global exchanges, such as Binance, Kraken based in the US, and Kukein themselves, to avoid TDS regulations on crypto trade. While India mandates tax reduction, the regulation does not determine whether it only applies in India’s exchange, or on a global platform as well.The Fisheries and Technology Institute (CIFT), Veraval, has introduced a V-shaped vanish beaver technology for fishermen, which helps to save around 200-240 liters of fuel on a 10-day trip.

If this technology gets extensive revenue among fishermen, it will not only save millions of liter diesel every year but also help reduce carbon emissions significantly.The Indian Fintech Market has received funding US $ 29 billion in 2,084 agreements to date (January 2017-July 2022), getting 14% of shares from global funding and No. 2 spots at the volume of agreement, a new report said.

CRYPTO grow day by day.

Cagr India in the fintech sector grew by 20%, which is higher than the US, England, and China which witnessed the growth of 16%, 15%, and 105, according to ‘State of the Fintech Union 2022’ reports by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Indian Matrix Partners.Google, among other main players in the field of technology and finance, has invested more than US $ 1 billion in Crypto and Blockchain companies for the past year, according to new data. A report also found that the South Korean technology giant Samsung invested US $ 1 billion to more than a dozen the blockchain business, while financial giant Morgan Stanley and Blackrock invested US $ 2B.

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