iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 looted! Getting a strong discount of 40 thousand

New Delhi. Huge discount is going on on Apple iPhone. Keeping in mind the Independence Day celebrations, Apple has partnered with HDFC Bank. You will get a cashback of Rs 6 thousand on payment with HDFC Bank Credit Card. The price of the product is Rs 54,900. This discount is available on both iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

The price of iPhone 12 on Apple’s online store is Rs 65,900. After HDFC Bank Card Offer, you can buy it for just Rs 59,900. The iPhone 12 can also be purchased from Amazon for Rs 60,900. If you have HDFC Bank Card then you can also buy it for the same price.

Buy phone in Exchange Offer-

A discount of Rs 2,200 to Rs 46,700 can also be available on buying the phone from Apple’s online store, but to get such a discount, you have to get the Exchange Offer. For Exchange Offer, the condition of your old phone should be good. If the condition of the old phone is not good then you are not going to get the discount either. Apart from this, a discount of Rs 12,950 is also available in Amazon Exchange Offer. After checking both the websites, the Exchange Offer can be seen on the iPhone 12.

Similarly, the iPhone 13 can be purchased with HDFC Bank Card for just Rs 73,900. Here the device is listed with the original price of Rs 79,900 and you can also get a discount of Rs 6,000 with HDFC Bank Card. The above mentioned exchange offer also applies to this phone. After the discount available on Amazon, the iPhone 13 can be purchased for Rs 71,900. That is, now you are getting such a discount, for which you do not even need a credit card.

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