JEE-Advanced registrations at a nine-year low best in 2022

JEE-Advanced registration down:

from 83.1 percent in 2014 to 61.5 percent in 2022, a stable decline for years in student registration after cleaning the Jee-Masalah exam

IIT JEE Advanced Registration 2022

61.5% Registered in 2022: Number of Candidates who registered for the Joint Entrance Examination (Jee)-Advanced Test -Pains examination has been down for the past eight years, data analysis of the two-level structure The exam since 2014 was shown.Marking the lowest nine years, from 83.1 percent in 2014 to 61.5 percent of students in 2022, around 1.6 lakh from 2.6 Lakh candidates who meet the requirements have registered to write tests scheduled to be held on August 28.

In 2021, 1.5 lakh from 2.6 Lakh candidates (58.1 percent) registered to take the final examination level, which will determine the revenue to 23 Indian Technology Institutes throughout the country. At 64.1 percent, the previous year had 1.60 students who registered from 2.5 students who passed the electricity examination.

JEE decline precentage in 2014

This was a decline from 2014 when registration was at 83.1 percent. Stable declines can be considered during the year 79 percent, 78.6 percent, 77.4 percent, 71.7 percent, and 71.7 percent in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, respectively.

Experts believe this because students choose other technical colleges based on their Jee-Main Scores and it does not show a lack of interest in the IIT.

JEE students ranking being low

Students with low ranking in-Main are not sure pocketing seats in the IIT after going forward. However, Jee-main scores are a definite seat on a long list of good technology institutions throughout India, holding acceptance only based on the results of jee-main, “said a senior professor of IIT Bombay who wanted to remain anonymous.

A senior official from IIT Kanpur said: “The competition to pocket the IIT seat is very difficult, given the limited number of seats. Even because there is an increase in the number of IIT, increasing the total number of seats, it is a very small amount when compared to the large collection of students who compete for it. Naturally, many students who have a lower ranking in main, choose to leave the IIT system and search for the choice of selected courses in non-IIT technology institutions. “

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