Jennifer And Ben Wedding: Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married, wedding photos go viral

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez Wedding News: Hollywood singer Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck have finally tied the knot. According to media reports, Jennifer and Ben this Saturday got married.

Both Hollywood stars received their marriage licenses from Nevada. Let us tell you, Ben and Jennifer have been dating for 20 years.

The couple got engaged in 2002 but ended the relationship about a year later. They both went their separate ways, married different people, had children, reunited last year, and got engaged in April.

After nearly 20 years of dating, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, 52, and actor Ben Affleck, 49, are finally got married in Las Vegas. The two have been separated for a long time, but rekindled their relationship last year. Not only that, Jennifer Lopez, commonly known as JLo, also changed her name to Jennifer Affleck

According to media reports, Batman stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were licensed on Saturday, July 16. Additionally, some photos of Jennifer’s bridal look surfaced and went viral on social media. In fact, Jennifer’s close friend, hairstylist Chris Appletown, shared a short video of her bridal look on Instagram.

Let us tell you, Ben and Jennifer dated and got engaged in 2002. But the two separated after two years. After that, they got back together again, and after about 20 years together, they got married.

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