KIDS Foundation launches SeeMore safety app for 4-6 year olds

Children’s Foundations and Leading Cellular Consultations, Bitty Applications, today announced the launch of the SEEMORE safety application for children aged four to six years.Seemore safety program educates children about safe and unsafe behavior that they encounter in everyday activities through literature and games.Early childhood educators are given a luxury toy selorore to children to be brought home and photographed in a safe and unsafe place.

KIDS Foundation approaches the Bitty application .

Covid-19 makes the program elements more difficult to apply so that the Kids Foundation approaches the Bitty application to develop a digital equivalent and, thanks to funding from the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation, The Sekile Safety App is born.Dr. Susie O’Neill, CEO at the Kids Foundation and the author of The Seemore Safety Books said, “Covid-19 makes early childhood educators reluctant to circulate soft toys that are difficult to disinfection and be cleaned regularly, so we need alternatives.

KIDS Foundation easy for children to use with minimal supervision.

The Bitty Itty application has developed an easy interactive application that is easy for children to use with minimal supervision from caregivers.” said Dr. O’NeillThe Bitty Itty application develops an application using augmented reality which means the digital version of the character as well as being entered virtually into the child’s environment. Children and parents or caregivers can then photograph characters and add notes to applications about the safety of the situation.Completing the eight other Mantle Group brands, Itty Bitty Apps has a focus to help companies make cellular applications that are designed and engineered beautifully using original technology.

KIDS Foundationto ensure that see seloric.

Bitty ITTY application develops applications with discounted prices (80% reduction at normal commercial rates) to ensure that see seloric can be turned on digitally for children.”When the Kids Foundation approaches us, we know we want to be involved with this project because it is very important for children of pre-school age to be educated about their safety,” said Stephen Hewett, COO in the Bitty ITTY application. “”We want to design applications that are easy for children to use and understand but also include cool technology elements, which is why we include augmented reality.

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