Kim Jong Un Covid-19: King Jong Un became seriously ill in the wave of Corona, sister said – South Korea spread the virus, will take revenge!

Pyongyang : North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who denied the corona virus from day one, himself became ‘severely’ ill during a wave of infections in the country. Kim Jong Un’s sister revealed that Kim Jong Un was battling ‘high fever’ during the recent COVID outbreak. He has blamed neighboring South Korea for the country’s virus and warned of revenge. According to reports in state media on Thursday, Pyongyang has declared a ‘victory’ over the Kovid outbreak.

Infection spread through infected things?
According to the report, on Thursday, Kim Yo Jong blamed these activities for the outbreak in the country and said that it is a ‘crime against humanity’. To strengthen his claim, he said that many countries and the World Health Organization have acknowledged the ‘risk of spreading infectious diseases through contact with infected objects’. He warned that Pyongyang was considering “a strong retaliation”.

claim victory over corona
There has been speculation for many years about the health of Kim Jong Un, a heavy body and cigarette smoker. Kim Jong Un is being closely monitored at public meetings due to a history of heart disease in his family. Speculations began to be made about Kim Jong Un’s health when his reason was surprisingly low in pictures some time ago. Last month, he disappeared from the state media for 17 days. On Wednesday, he attended a meeting of the ruling party and claimed ‘victory’ in the ‘Great Quarantine War’.

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