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There is a saying that any difficult challenge can be dwarfed by hard work and dedication. It has been portrayed by 24-year-old cricketer Kumar, who is in discussion on social media due to a picture of himself. Karthikeya first came into the limelight when he was included in the Indian Premier League 2022 by Mumbai Indians in place of Mohammad Arshad Khan. When the auction took place for the 15th season of the IPL, Karthikeya did not find any buyer but luck took a turn and after the auction at a base price of 20 lakhs, he got a chance to play in this league which was a dream for him.

Karthikeya did play in the IPL but his story of reaching here has been quite a struggle. Karthik’s passion for cricket dominated him so much that he left home at the age of just 15 and decided that he would not go back to his home until he got a chance to play in the IPL. Kartikeya did exactly the same. He did not meet his parents anymore after 9 years and 3 months. Karthikeya has shared some pictures of their emotional meeting on social media. Sharing the photo, he said, ‘After 9 years and 3 months, I met my family and mother. I am unable to express my feelings.

Kumar Karthikeya with his parents

Kumar Karthikeya with his parents

abandoned house for cricket

Karthikeya left his hometown Kanpur for cricket at the age of just 15. From Kanpur he came to Delhi. A friend named Radheshyam became his support in Delhi. Radheshyam used to play league cricket here. After this both of them decided to go to cricket academy together but due to lack of money they could not get any cricket academy. At the same time, Kartikeya had promised his parents that he would never put any financial burden on them for cricket.

Money was tight, meanwhile he and his friend Radheshyam went to Sanjay Bhardwaj, the childhood coach of Gautam Gambhir. Radheshyam told Bharadwaj that Kartikeya did not have money to give, yet he helped. Karthikeya’s trial was taken and he was selected.

Karthikeya during a Ranji Trophy match

Karthikeya during a Ranji Trophy match

wages for money

Karthikeya was so short of money that he had to work as a laborer in Ghaziabad. Karthikeya used to go to the cricket academy for wages, about 80 kilometers away. During this, he used to walk several kilometers so that he could save 10 rupees for eating biscuits. Meanwhile, he had found a place to live near the factory. He used to work in the factory at night while playing cricket during the day.

Not selected in DDCA

Karthikeya was consistently performing brilliantly at the school level. He took 45 wickets in the DDCA League. Apart from this, the player of the tournament was also selected in the Om Nath Sood competition in Delhi. However, despite this excellent performance, he was not selected in the top-200 by DDCA. Due to this he became very frustrated but Sanjay Bharadwaj again helped him.

Karthikeya after taking a wicket for Mumbai

Karthikeya after taking a wicket for Mumbai

Bharadwaj advised Kartikeya to go to Madhya Pradesh. Here Karthikeya took five wickets each in all the trial matches. He soon got a chance to play in the Ranji Trophy because of this performance. After this he also got a chance to debut in Under-23 for Madhya Pradesh.

Sanju Samson’s wicket got fame in IPL

IPL 2022 had already started. Meanwhile, Arshad Khan, who was selected for Mumbai Indians, was injured and ruled out of the entire season. In his place, Karthikeya was included in his team by Mumbai. Karthikeya had come into the limelight by dismissing Rajasthan Royals captain Sanju Samson in his very first over of the IPL. In this way, he got a chance to play in four matches for Mumbai in which he took a total of five wickets.


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