Laal Singh Chaddha: Aamir Khan does not deserve this hate!

  1. The great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung once said, “Thinking is hard work, so most people judge.”

There is no harm in saying that in this age of social media, this is the most accurate thing. If someone dislikes Modi, then he follows the same people on Twitter, watches his videos, which almost on the agenda, tells how Modi has made the country impeccable. If someone is a right winger, then he also listens and studies only those people who can justify his hatred. In this way every man gathers evidence for his prejudices, not knowing while reading and listening. And the same is happening with Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chaddha. It is being proved by counting 2-4 things that how Aamir is a Hindu hater, insults the sentiments of Hindus and works with a specific agenda.

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I have often written on Islamic fundamentalism, have also questioned the selective approach of our intellectual class in the wake of radicalization, have also written fiercely against those who oppose a film like Kashmir Files, but I can say with full responsibility that Aamir Khan is being abused in the case of Lal Singh Chaddha.

Is Aamir anti-Hindu?
Aamir’s first criticism is that he insulted Hindu gods and goddesses in a film like PK. Why is Hinduism criticized in it? There are evils in other religions too, why not them?

On this, I believe that earlier, religion was not criticized in PK, but those who are fooling the public in the name of religion were criticized.

Now it can be said that the film has become strict in one place in its criticism, but broadly the things raised were correct.

The film targeted fraud babas, so what was wrong with that? Are there no hypocrites like Asaram, Rampal, Ram Rahim and Nityanand in our society?

Now if these people are a part of the society and the film is also talking about such people who are already in the society, then why so much hue and cry?

The writer-director of the film is Hindu. He showed through the film only the things he saw around him throughout his life, so what did he do wrong?

When evil is in people of every religion and there is Hindu religion in it, then why would the director deliberately make a film to show the evils of Muslim religion even though he is a Hindu?

Despite this, if you will blame Aamir for only playing the lead role in PK, then this also applies to Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal who did Oh My God. Akshay had made some such statements before the release of the film, on the basis of which his films could be boycotted, but did it happen? On the contrary, some people have made him a Hindu heart emperor. And Paresh Rawal later became an MP from BJP too!

How did you forget Secret Superstar?
And why are we forgetting that the same Aamir Khan had also made a film like Secret Superstar. In which it was shown how a domestic Muslim woman pleads with her fanatic husband for the girl’s singing career, gets beaten up by him but does not give up and finally leaves even her husband for the girl’s dreams.

Aamir was criticized for PK but then did anyone praise Aamir for showing the courage to produce a film like Secret Superstar? Dare because fanatics consider Islamic songs as haram in Islam.

Verse 6 of Surah 31 in the Qur’an says that “Those who do ideal telling are misguided” Here ideal tailing means playing songs which are pleasing to the heart. Coming to the hadith, the hadith directly puts music on the list of haram things.

Despite this, if Aamir shows in his film that a Muslim woman leaves her husband for the sake of the girl’s singing career, then it takes courage and this courage was shown by Aamir, because he was also the producer of this film. He himself had invested money to make a film on the subject!

But we will not talk about it. Will not congratulate him for this courage but will keep him in the dock by putting forward some scenes of the 8-year-old film every day.

It is very important for us to understand that criticism of hypocrites in any religion should not be considered as criticism of religion. If we become so aggressive about such criticism, then by doing so we will only give strength to the hypocrites.

Any religion refines with time only when it has the courage to point fingers at its mistakes. People who are being fooled in the name of religion have the courage to put them in the dock. And religions which forbid their criticism become more orthodox over time as some religions have become. Now it is for us to decide whether we want to remain orthodox or modern.

Lal Singh Chaddha

Why can’t a star make a political statement?
The second criticism is coming from Aamir for saying that he was scared to live in India a few years ago, citing wife Kiran Rao. Some people are also angry that he had criticized Modi’s role in an interview after the Gujarat riots?

I ask, if it was evil, then what happened? Even Smriti Irani criticized Modi for the Gujarat riots. That Smriti Irani is today a minister in the Modi government. The BJP formed the government again with Nitish, who parted ways from the NDA, on the pretext of those riots. BJP formed the government in Kashmir along with Mehbooba Mufti’s party which had been bashing Modi day and night for those riots.

Now how can it be that BJP supporters are ready to forgive politicians for criticizing Modi but not an actor? The actor who has nothing to do with politics.

I ask, right or wrong, does a film star not have the right to have a political opinion? No matter how much that thinking is based on prejudices. No matter how hastily it was made, but we as a society cannot be so intolerant to say that I do not like your politics, so now I will not even watch your film.

It’s just like you are very good at your job. The whole office believes in your iron. Your grading is also great but one day your boss fires you just because he didn’t like any of your Facebook posts, how would you feel?

You would think that I wrote a Facebook post. That post office had nothing to do with my work, my commitment, my performance, yet why was this done to me? Exactly the same thing is happening with Aamir Khan today. It is absolutely wrong to boycott his film for any of his political remarks or anything said in the interview.

Let us not forget that Aamir is the most sincere actor of the current generation (at least in Bollywood). He gives his life in every film. From Taare Zameen to Dangal and from Lagaan to 3 Idiots, he has given us films that have both entertainment and a message. Now this Aamir is bringing a film after a decade of hard work, in which hundreds more artists have worked besides him, then should we boycott the film by saying that I do not like what you said in an interview 5 years ago Came so fuck!

It was said in the interview that it was two minutes, the hard work in films is worth thousands of hours. Is it fair to boycott someone’s thousands of hours of hard work for a matter of two minutes?

Why the ruckus at the meeting?
A third criticism is coming from Amir for why he met Emin Erdoan, the wife of the Turkish President, who has criticized India over the Kashmir issue. I don’t see much merit in this criticism either.

The wife of the President of Turkey is known for her social projects. Meeting him, Aamir told him how he and his wife Kiran Rao were running a project called Water Foundation, which supplies water to drought-prone areas of India. Emin Erdoan also congratulated him for making films on social issues. The two talked about craft, language and food. There was no political talk somewhere, so how did Aamir become guilty for this meeting?

If it is wrong for the Turkish President to meet his wife for his views on Kashmir, then what should be attributed to the sudden arrival of Narendra Modi to wish Nawaz Sharif on his birthday?

Aamir had met the friend of our enemy. Modi ji went straight to meet the Prime Minister of the enemy country. Aamir is also an actor, Modi ji is the Prime Minister of the country. If it is a mistake to offer courtesy to enemies, then you yourself tell who is the bigger culprit! A leader or actor? If you ask me, I don’t consider either of them to be wrong.

Tell me, what is your politics?
Look, I don’t mind what your political opinion is? I don’t even know how you have created this thinking of yours. But as a society we must understand that the whole personality of a human being is not just his political thought. He is much more than his political thinking.

But alas, today before evaluating every human being, we definitely want to know what is his political ideology. The plumber has also come to fix the plumbing at home, so we will get him to work only when first it is known that what he thinks on Article 370? I wrote a satire 7 years ago (examples have been changed) – Tell humour, what is your politics.

In that I wrote, I am laughing at your joke written on Virat’s poor form. But I will not laugh because I do not agree with your views on the Agriculture Bill.

If I laugh, I will stop it by putting my hand in my mouth. If still not stop, then I will remove you from my Facebook friend list, so that none of your laughing status will come in front of me even by mistake. Because to laugh at something means to be impressed by it. And I do not like to be influenced by such a person whose political views I do not agree with.

And today this is the biggest tragedy… The politics that we want to entertain out of boredom, now keeping a gun on the temples of the same entertainers, we have been asking them again.. Tell brother, what is your politics! Be it Kangana Ranaut or Aamir Khan.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.


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