Lost your smartphone? This app developed by Govt will help you locate it easily – Details

Our phones are our extension arms that do almost everything for us – from managing our bank details, accounts, payments, photos, games, and of course, making phone calls. Without a doubt, this is a very important piece of equipment to have in modern times. You can certainly leave the house without a bag or wallet, but certainly not without your smartphone.

Since your smartphone is such an integral part of life, what if it gets stolen?

A lot of people might buy a new phone after a device is lost or stolen, but did you know that everyone can misuse your lost device in different ways? They may use your phone for illegal purposes, which can be annoying and even take you to court.

In this case, the lost device must always be reported to the nearby police station and then deactivated. Also, if someone replaces the SIM card and tries to use the same one, if you file a complaint and disable your device, the device will not be able to use any services.

But the second question is: how to track a stolen device?

To that end, the government has developed a new application called Central Equipment Identity Registration (CEIR).

CEIR was established by the Ministry of Telecommunications to curb the market for counterfeit mobile phones. Now, if you are wondering why downloading this app is important to you, you must know that it has something to do with the mobile data you have.

This could spell trouble for you if your data or a phone registered in your name is lost or stolen. Therefore, you can file a complaint and track your mobile phone on this website.

DoT claims that the most important feature of the app is that it helps you block access to your phone even if the SIM card is changed in the phone.

Note: Most importantly, if your phone is stolen, you must report it to the police and have a report number.
How to use CEIR?

If you lose your handset, do the following:

You must use the blocking option on the CEIR website.
After selecting the blocking option, the website redirects you to a form asking for your mobile number, model number, IMEI number, and other phone-related details that can be used to track your device.
You must have a police complaint number as you will need to submit it with the form. You will receive a complaint number when you register for the FIR.

What should I do after I get my phone back?

On the app or website, click the unlock option
Now send the request ID and other relevant details
In this way, you can unlock and access your restored smartphone.
Additionally, the CEIR website offers a “Check Request Status” option that allows you to check the status of your stolen smartphone.

The basic process of buying a used mobile phone?
If you bought a used smartphone, you can use these two solutions to check if the device has been stolen.

You can send a message to 14422 by saying KYM followed by the IMEI number.
If the smartphone is genuine, you will receive a text message with relevant phone information.
However, if you get rewarded from being blacklisted, you are not allowed to use it because the device will be stolen.
Alternatively, you can download the KYM app on Google Play and Apple Store, which can help you keep track of more information.

How to find the IMEI number of a smartphone?

It’s easy. You need to open settings and search for your phone.
If this doesn’t help, please call *#06#
If you have a smartphone box, the IMEI number can also be found on it
Also, you can save your phone’s IMEI number to a backup file in cloud storage, Google Drive, or hard drive, in case you need it.

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