Managing Organizational Behaviour at Travelers Companies, Incorporated:

Travellers Insurance focuses on insurance packages meant for businesses and individuals. The corporate is founded on the ground that individuals and businesses have a lot to protect. During this regard, it offers detailed claim services and policies to make sure that the clients are satisfied. To take a position in confident businessmen, Travelers Insurance provides various insurance options that cater for giant and small businesses.
The management of the company offers a wide range of services and packages to companies and individuals.

This ensures that the company has a large market share. We serve them according to their needs. These include car services, events such as weddings, education policies, health insurance, homeowners, rent, insurance for expensive items, identity fraud and service transfers.

Moreover, people receive protection from the disasters such as droughts, floods and tsunamis. On the other hand side, services offered to the companies include pledges, risk protection, global marketing and bonds. Again, servicing businesses depends on whether they are large, medium or tiny.

wTo the my point of view, this makes the business successful because it serves a wide range of customers. The company is able to conduct thorough research and understand customer needs. This can be achieved by analyzing customer feedback and responses. Therefore, offering tailor-made services according to the needs of customers. I would like to work in a company that has different departments to serve customers. In addition, employees must have the opportunity to express their views and advices so that they feel valued within the company.

In travel insurance, services for businesses vary depending on whether the business is small, large or medium. The management of the company believes that this helps to provide adequate services to the customers. However, I think it is necessary to develop common services for all three types of companies. This is critical to ensure that each business category benefits from the others. For example, small businesses can learn additional management and leadership skills from large and medium-sized businesses.

Therefore, it is necessary to create a channel of interaction between different classes of companies (Hersey and Blanchard, 1969). Similarly, large companies can benefit from the innovative ideas of small businesses. Therefore, large and small companies can come together to carry out business ventures. It was therefore necessary for the develop services that brought together the three types of companies.

I think so they are happy to train the crew as needed. As a result, employees become loyal to the company and are highly productive. Companies, managers and employees benefit from good cooperation. Therefore, good management is very beneficial for the business.

Short Term Health Insurance and Major Health Insurance:

The two main types of travel health insurance are short term health insurance and major health insurance. Short-term policies cover travellers from five days to a year, depending on the policy chosen. There is excellent medical cover available for travellers who plan to travel for anywhere from six months to a year or more.

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