Mark Zuckerberg responds to metaverse mockery with new selfie in 2022

Last week was a noble time for online for one particular reason. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared a selfie from the horizon worlds, the game of Meta Meta virtual reality, to celebrate its launch in France and Spain, and immediately dragged to hell and returned because of the fact that it appeared, good, terrible.

Zuckerberg spearhead of technology

People who buy and use the best VR headsets generally do it because they like the idea of ​​being at the spearhead of technology, and this selfie is really really, really not that. Character and environment will not be seen not in place in the Game Boy Advance, not on the platform that should be in the future created by one of the richest companies in the world.

we are hunted by Zuckerberg

Users on all social media platforms are united in their excitement to show that the billions of dollars projects somehow look worse than the Playstation 1 game. “As far as I know, Metaverse is only Animal Crossing but you are being hunted by Mark Zuckerberg,” said a Twitter user said (Opened in the new tab), while others describe the virtual world as “ugly eye-government (opened in the new tab)”.

Meme is also something really special. I’m not sure I have continued posting to several group chat as fast as I did this one by @mnateshyamalan (opened in the new tab). While the reaction varies, safe to say that people, overall, are not impressed.

ridicule watched by Mark Zuckerberg

Well, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg is watching the ridicule, because he has now shared a selfie updated on Facebook and Instagram. The post shows Avatar Zuckerberg which is far more realistic and detailed, along with a virtual environment that looks like an ancient Greek or Roman city.

It is not entirely clear what it means “taken very quickly” in the context of Metaverse – what, the graph will increase if he takes more time to get the right angle? But apart from that, Avatar Zuckerberg has changed from looks like the first WII sports draft to DLC’s special leader from Civilization VI, who is only the most indifferent people who will not be described as improvement.We have to wait to see more about the future of Metaverse that will be involved by Mark Zuckerberg.

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