Most Indians won’t use print-out at home service like offered by Blinkit

According to a report on Monday, only 14% of consumers in India will use the 10-minute delivery platform to have prints delivered to their homes, as Zomato-owned Blinkit recently launched a print-on-demand service that started in the country. Of those willing to use such services, 7 percent said it was for “convenience,” while another 7 percent said it was because of convenience and price, according to community social media platform LocalCircles. Want a print delivery platform for privacy reasons or reluctance to change the way you currently use your home printer or use a nearby store service, or both.”While platforms like Blinkit have pledged to delete information as soon as it’s done, consumer concerns will inevitably linger,” the report said. Will demand from just 14% of households be enough to sustain the market’s fast-food delivery platforms? The printing infrastructure will determine whether these print-on-demand services continue or stop. The pandemic has spurred sales of printers as students in urban India take classes online and have to print, complete, scan and upload assignments from home.

However, with schools and colleges fully reopening in early 2022, demand for printing has eased again. The report also found that 28% of the 10,514 respondents did not have access to a printer at home due to lack of use or other issues, and 4% were unsure when they purchased a home printer.

Nearly 6% of respondents admit to using printing equipment at work and taking prints home, while 3% said they rarely need a printer. Last month, Blinkit announced it would deliver prints to your door through a minute-delivery platform that Zomato acquired for 44.47 billion rupees ($568 million), and said the facility was available in certain regions.

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