Most Popular Government Websites in India

Looking for a list of the most popular government websites in India?

At newsred, we have identified the 5 most visited government websites in India. We also analyzed the 5 most visited state government websites in India.

We then find out the top keywords people are using to visit the site to dig deeper into why some of these sites are popular and where their traffic is coming from.

India’s most visited government website
Let’s start with the data.

Not surprisingly, this list is dominated by the big sites that many of us know and love. IRCTC is the most visited website on our list, with an estimated monthly visit of over 3.73 million.

UIDAI, which publishes Aadhaar, came in second with an estimated monthly visits of over 3.15 million.

With more than 2.73 million visits, the Employee Provident Fund website is the third most popular government website in India.

The Andhra Pradesh government website is the fourth most visited website in India with 1.78 million monthly visits. The state government website has been included in the top 5 most popular websites in India as Public Service Commission (PSC) which conducts exams for various government jobs in Andhra Pradesh is hosted on the Andhra Pradesh government website.

The GST filing website is the fifth most visited government website in India with an estimated 17.3 million monthly visits.

Most Popular State Government Websites
An analysis of the 5 most visited national websites in India yields the following results.

It’s important to remember that all sites on this list come from organic, direct, referral, and other gross-based traffic sources. We use Similarweb for our research.

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