Mumbai lad demonstrates car hack at world best cybersecurity meet in 2022

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Will you be disappointed if you know that your car can be opened and the engine can be started without your knowledge? However kogon might be heard, a 20 -year -old man from this city has shown around 30,000 cyber security experts from all over the world how the 2018 Honda Civic car hack model can be hacked using a very simple method that is silly

Ayyappan Rajesh is one of the two researchers who wrote a report published in March, which showed that the car produced by Honda car hack was vulnerable to hacking. This can be done by intercepting and copying signals sent to the vehicle via the FOB key.Umass computer engineering student, Dartmouth, recently attended Defcon, the annual convention of ethical hackers and cyber security experts, held in Nevada, Las Vegas.

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“In Defcon, I talked about my discovery, and also had a demonstration of a car hacking village where anyone could hack the Honda Civic 2018 using ‘fin’, a special device made. It was received very well and I had the opportunity to display hacking to Chris Inglis, US Cyber ​​Siber Security Advisor Joe Biden, “Rajesh told HT.

Inglis, who is also the director of the US National Cyber, gave Rajesh Coin challenges as a sign of appreciation.Speaking more about Honda hacking, he said, “There is a tool available at a price below $ 200 that can be used by a 10 -year -old child with little or without technology to exploit defects.

Forget the problem of having your items taken, access to certain ports in the car can let someone take full control over your vehicle. Researchers can even kill engines with moving vehicles. “This vulnerability has now been officially recognized by the global cyber security community and assigns general vulnerability and exploit numbers.

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Rajesh remembers how happy he was also meeting with cybersecurity legends such as Jen Easterly, Director, Cybersecurity car hack and Infrastructure Security Agency, as well as civilian experts who were always fans.

Rajesh grew up in Mumbai and attended school at Indus International High School in Bangalore before leaving for the US to pursue a bachelor’s degree. He has completed several interns, including one with Gurugram police, where he learned about the Law on Information Technology, 2000, and another at the Critical Information Critical Infrastructure Protection Center.

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“My interest in cybersecurity began when learning about the development of iOS applications through my first teacher at Nimap Infotech. I had made a small game at that time and was fascinated by the concept of a ‘jailbreaking’ device and had full control of what I could do with it, “he said.Rajesh now starts a project with several veteran cyber security experts to build teams around the world to examine the weaknesses known in the security of the main FOB.

Defcon, one of the most sought -after conventions in cybersecurity, obtains his name from the term “ready -to -defense”, which is used by Pentagon to show the level of threats faced from other countries.

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