Netflix ramps up hirings for its Cloud gaming dream best in 2022

According to netflix Protocol,

streaming services are looking for security product managers with experience handling “Gaming Cloud Challenges”, a rendering engineer who can support the “Gaming Cloud” service, and other related positions.

Netflix New -Newly launched mobile games such as “Into The Breach” and “Feed Your Eyes”, among others.

However, less than 1% of customers play mobile games. plans to launch at least 50 game titles at the end of this year.

according to application analysis company,

Apply Application Analysis Company estimates that the average 1.7 million people are involved with the game every day, which is less than 1 percent than more than 221 million customers.

The theme “Stranger Things” , in particular, has been done well.

Although the cellular game is not very popular, Gaming Cloud services might get more eyeballs, especially from young gamers.

“Cloud gaming is very reasonable to Netflix.

This platform accelerates its encouragement into video games. Since last November, the company has launched a game to keep users involved between the release of the show.

netflix game is not only accessed by customers but.,

This game can only be accessed by customers but must be downloaded as a separate application.

Ntflix asks for the help of a gaming cloud specialist in posting a new -new job list, a clue that might occur in what will occur for the ongoing gaming business. As noted by the protocol, the company is looking for security product managers with experience handling “Gaming Cloud challenges,” a rendering engineer who can support the “Gaming Cloud Service” Netflix, and other related positions.

If the company will launch a cloud game service that is similar to Playstation now, Google Stadia, or Amazon Luna, this will help branch off mobile, bringing the game to TV and PC without relying on game consoles.

Netflix told Techcrunch, “We are always looking for great talents to join our team and continue to explore new product opportunities to improve our members’ experience. We don’t have anything else to share at this time. “

according to netflix streamer.

Streamer is still expanding his cellular game library with the launch of “Into The Breach” and “before your eyes,” among others. According to Apptopia, less than 1% of Netflix’s customer base plays its cellular games, even though they are free for those who have Netflix login. Streaming services have around 221 million customers, and only 1.7 million users every day play the Netflix game every day.

Although the cellular game is not very popular, maybe Gaming Cloud services will attract the attention of more gamers.

The Cloud Gaming Market continues to grow when gamers flocked to Gaming Cloud services because they can access games without paying expensive hardware. In fact, Cloud Gaming’s global market size is expected to reach $ 20.94 billion in 2030, according to research and market research shop markets. Last year, the global cloud gaming market has a revenue of $ 1.6 billion.

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