Price of LPG GAS: LPG gas cylinders became cheaper, see how much LPG became cheaper, and know the price of your city in 2022

Inflation is bothering people a lot these days. The price of petrol diesel and even domestic gas cylinders is also skyrocketing. But now there is good news for you, now the news of relief has come. For your information, let us tell you that subsidy will be started for domestic gas cylinders. After the implementation of the subsidy, now the gas you are getting for Rs 900 will cost Rs 587.

Actually, during the Coronavirus, the government canceled the gas subsidy. Now the government is again bringing the subsidy implementation plan. According to the report, the gas subsidy will start coming into your account next month. Once the government subsidy starts, lakhs and crores of people will start getting relief from it. For your information, let us tell you that the subsidy amount is Rs 303.

Right now the subsidy system is being started in many states of our country. Not only this, this kitchen subsidy has started in many states of Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and North East. At the same time, this system is also going to be launched in other states of the country. The matter is still awaiting the approval of the Finance Ministry. If the government approves it, then the gas trader will give a subsidy of Rs 303. What happens is that after taking gas worth Rs 900, Rs 303 will be returned to your account as a subsidy. That is, the price of gas was Rs 587.

low gas price

Apart from all these, you also have a good option to use composite gas cylinders. Tell for your information that the government has now approved the composite pressure cylinder in the whole country. Tell for your information that the composites cylinder is quite light enough than normal gas cylinders. This mixed gas is also available in 10 and 5 kg. You can buy this gas very easily at just Rs 634. The price of the highest gas cylinder (the highest gas cylinder price in Gwalior) has increased for the second time in 15 days.

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