Redmi 6A battery exploded and killed a sleeping woman- This is how Xiaomi responded

A recent tweet by a YouTuber on social media noted that his aunt had allegedly died after her Redmi 6A smartphone exploded. The woman was sleeping when the phone suddenly exploded beside her bed. Xiaomi is reportedly investigating the unfortunate incident. The YouTuber, who goes by the alias MD Talk YT (Manjeet) on Twitter, shared three images of the horrific incident – one of the back of the Redmi 6A, the other of the front of the smartphone, and a woman Holding a picture of his aunt. Was and was a victim of smartphone explosions. Her photo on Twitter showed her lying in a pool of blood on her bed, and he claimed a suspected battery explosion killed her relatives who lived in the Delhi-NCR area. In a tweet, Manjeet mentioned: “My aunt was found dead last night, she was using a Redmi 6A, she was sleeping, she put her phone next to her face on the pillow, and after a while her phone blew up .This is a bad time for us. It is the brand’s responsibility to support them,” the tweet said. The Youtuber also tagged Xiaomi Global VP Manu Kumar Jain and Xiaomi India CMO Anuj Sharma.

Image credit: Twitter @MDTALKYT (MANJEET) Redmi 6A

In response to his tweet, Xiaomi replied that the company was working to contact affected families and investigate the situation. The tech company further said: “At Xiaomi India, customer safety is paramount and we take these issues very seriously. Our team is trying to get in touch with the families involved and determine the cause of the incident.”

A YouTuber named Manjeet from Haryana further wrote that the victim’s son was serving in the Indian Army and the family lived a very simple lifestyle. “Her family is simple, her son is in the Indian Army. You don’t know much. She only uses her phone to make calls and watch YouTube. No direct responsibility if brands don’t accept their mistakes, if a family has to fight for justice war, what’s the use of that,” the YouTuber tweeted.

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