Best how to Remove Chat or Message in Microsoft Teams in 2022

Microsoft Teams is one of the applications that have scanned our workspace. With scanning, users can take advantage of several features such as meeting alerts, real-time cats, and file sharing.

In addition, you can also delete cats that are no longer useful to you. This is a great contrast to what we are used to in a physical office. You are on the right page if you want to know more about how you can delete cats in the teams.

This article will cover the way you can delete cats from office, Android, and iOS / iPad OS versions from Microsoft teams, so continue to read!

Things to consider before removing chat(Remove)

There are some things you must remember before you delete messages on the team. This includes certain restrictions and accessibility of your being deleted. We advise you to slide through this before you start deleting the chat:

The selected message will only be deleted for you.
The recipient will not know that you have deleted the chat.
The chat that you delete will be deleted from all your devices.
When you export your team’s data, the deleted chat is not exported with other data.

How to Remove Chat in Teams?

You can delete chat section messages in the teams. Remember that you need to connect to the organization of the teams with the cat. You can access messages from other organizations if you are connected to another account through Technology.

You don’t have to have a certain device to delete team messages. The deletion function is available in all versions of the teams; Desktop, Android, and iOS / iPad OS.

Remove Individual Messages

You can delete selected messages from the team. This is useful when you accidentally send the wrong message to colleagues or channels. Deleting individual messages supported in all team versions. (Wikipedia)

Here is the way you can delete messages in the team:

On Desktop Version(Remove)

If you use the desktop team version, see these steps to delete messages from the conversation:

Open the Microsoft Teams application.
From the side blades, go to chat.
Find a chat with the message you want to delete.
Navigate the message cursor you want to delete and select the three-point menu (more options).
Select Delete.


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