Salman Khan has copied Jackie Shroff? The actor said – his walking, speaking, clothes are all like me

Actors Jackie Shroff and Salman Khan have worked in many films like ‘Sirf Tum’, ‘Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaye’, ‘Kyunki’ to ‘Bharat’. Recently, Jackie Shroff was asked what do you think is the most adorable thing about Salman Khan. On this, Jackie Shroff said that there are many things about Salman Khan which are very special. There is no one like Salman Khan in his life. Not only this, Jackie Shroff also said that Salman Khan is exactly like him. His speech, walking, clothes everything. He grew up seeing them.

In a recent interview, Jackie Shroff while talking about Salman Khan said, he looks like me to me. His clothes, his way of walking, his every way of speaking. You know he grew up watching me. He is like my younger brother. I don’t have any like that. Looks like Salman Khan is like me.

Jackie Shroff was seen in the role of Salman Khan’s father in the film Bharat in the year 2019, while the age of both is only 10 years old. Once in an interview, he said on this age gap that I am aware that there is only a difference of ten years between us. We both started our careers almost at the same time. But I don’t mind playing his father. I always treat Salman Khan like my child.

Jackie Shroff’s upcoming ‘Baap’
Talking about the workfront, Jackie Shroff has announced his new project in June 2022. In this project, he will be seen with Mithun Chakraborty, Sanjay Dutt. The name of this movie is Baap. This is an action drama film.

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