Samsung Electronics Unveils High-Performance 990 PRO SSD Optimized for Gaming and Creative Applications.

Samsung Electronics, world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced 990 Pro, NVME SSD high performance based on PCIE 4.0. Providing fast speed and superior power efficiency, SSD is only optimized for games that demand graphically and other intensive tasks including 3D rendering, 4K video editing and data analysis.

Samsung sustainable innovations in games.

With sustainable innovations in games, 4K and 8K technology and applications driven by AI, consumer needs for high -performance storage grow exponentially, “said Kyuyoung Lee, Vice President of the Biz Team Brand Memory Products at Samsung Electronics. “990 Pro provides an optimal balance of speed, power efficiency and reliability, making it the ideal choice for diligent gamers and creative professionals who are looking for work and uninterrupted work.

Samsung’s latest V-Nand and new exclusive controller.

Showing Samsung’s latest V-Nand and new exclusive controller, the 990 Pro series offers the highest speed that is currently available from the PCIE 4.0.1 SSD interface provides sequential reading and writing speeds up to 7,450 megabytes per second (MB/S) and 6,900 MB/S, Each, while the speed of reading and writing is random in up to 1,400k and 1,550k IOPs, each. With an increase of 55% in random performance for 980 Pro, 990 Pro is very suitable for heavy games and creative tasks and productivity.

Samsung SSD NVMe is highly performing.

SSD NVMe is highly performing also important in reaping the full benefits of the latest game console and game technology. Supported by NVME, 990 Pro brings faster loading time to a PC and a console for a deeper game of playing games. When tested with the game of upcoming role games, 3 future Productions support the latest game loading technology, the map loading time is about one second, compared to four seconds for SATA SSD and 28 seconds for the Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

Built on low -power architecture, a newly designed Samsung controller to increase SSD power efficiency up to 50% compared to 980 Pro.4 In addition, 990 Pro uses nickel layers in controlling and heat -spreading labels on drive drives for reliable thermal management. Samsung’s dynamic thermal guard technology further ensures that the drive temperature remains in the optimal range.

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