Sargun Mehta shared shocking video of domestic violence, said angrily – send him to jail

Actress and producer Sargun Mehta is as amazing on screen. He is even more brilliant than that in real life. She is seen expressing her point of view on the popular issues. Recently he shared a video on his social media, in which there is a woman and she is talking about domestic violence. It is telling how she became a victim of this after giving birth to two daughters. Now the actress has shared a long post while posting this video on Instagram and has expressed anger.

Sargun Mehta has written, ‘Speak openly only when there is violence. You don’t have to bear it. If your family does not support in this matter, then you can call the facilities around you or talk about it on social media. Or talk to someone who can help you. No one deserves this. The man used to beat her every day because she gave birth to two daughters. Not sons. What era are we living in? I hope he is arrested soon and behind bars.

Sargun Mehta said this to the people
Sargun further wrote, ‘There are also some recordings of him beating and abusing. She could not bear all this at all and it took her life. But we have many such cases. Please speak You deserve better. You deserve a good life. I know it takes a lot of strength to come out of this. But you need it. She leaves behind two daughters aged 4 and 6. who is in his father’s captivity. That’s why she has not come into this world. Please give courage to those people who are going through some or the other things around you and are unable to speak. Please.’


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