Smart best Indian brands dominate as gadget spending smart spikes in 2022

Market research insight also shows that in the last quarter

Indians bought more tablets and laptops, although the sale of smart phones has slowed down, bucking global trends indian tech companies boat (with 34.3% share) and noise (with 11.5%) lead market. The smartphone brand based in China OnePlus is third, with a share of 8.7%. (Bloomberg) The market that can be worn in India quickly becomes a hegemony of home brands such as boats and noise,

which now dominates gadget sales such as smart watches and wireless earbud Running to run to run to run to run to run to run it like Xiaomi, Samsung and Apple A Run A Run A run for Money Research Insights. Their market also showed that in the last quarter, Indians bought more tablets and laptops, even though smart phone sales had slowed down, against global trends.

Units charged in the country

In Q2 2022, 23.9 million units that could be charged in the country, an increase of 112.8% during the same period in 2021. Data by IDC research companies showed that although the wrist bands saw a decrease (63% shipping lower) , which was offset by smartwatches (an increase of 298.4%) and ear clothing (86.7% higher).

Indian technology companies (with a share of 34.3%) and noise (with 11.5%) lead the market. The smartphone brand based in China OnePlus is third, with a share of 8.7%.

Commitment to improve smart watch

In these segments, the noise leads the domain of smart watches with a market share of 28.5%, followed by fire-boltt (24.8%). “We strengthen our commitment to improve smartwatch manufacturing in India under India’s make in initiative,” said Amit Khatri, one of the founders in Noise. Prices and values ​​have played an important role, with an average selling price that can be charged 7.2% in the first half of 2022 compared to the period of the year before. Indian brand, in particular, leads the price war.

For example, the Smartwatch Spec Entry Boat is valued ₹ 1,799 among a total of 32 watches in the shop window, all below ₹ 5,000. Noise’s Colorfit Pulse, with a price of ₹ 1,699 or even cheaper, and the company has a strong portfolio of 30 Watch. In comparison, Redmi Watch Xiaomi price ₹ 3,999, a significant premium in the market that is sensitive to prices.

Requests that can be worn have moved

Beyond the cities by attracting aspirational consumers in small cities and smaller cities,” said Navkendar Singh, Vice President of Association, Device Research, IDC India, Comparison of Asia & South Anz, OnePlus, Samsung, and Apple have focused on items that can be worn premium, although OnePlus seems to have spinning a little with various affordable wireless earbuds.

The price war also means more features at a lower cost. More and more new smart watches, for example, show Bluetooth calls and, in terms of earphones, better audio hardware.

IDC estimates that India’s shipping can record 90 million, at the end of this year, with online sales, and aggressive prices provide demand power, according to Singh.

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